Essay about H.B:No More Immigration Law

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All through American history people have immigrated into United States to find a better future for themselves and their family. Immigrants that have came into this foreign soil came to achieve the “American Dream”.You may ask yourself what is the “American Dream”. John Truslow Adam defines it as “ dream of a land in which life should be better and richer and fuller or everyone,with opportunity for each according to ability or achievement”(cite).Various immigrants through out the country have came into America soil to better their own lives and future of their families. For instance, Hispanics from various country such as Guatemala,Colombia,Mexico and El Salvador etc. have crossed waters even desert to came into America soil. Hispanic …show more content…
Through out Alabama , H.B 56 requires undocumented immigrations “must carry identification and registration documents with them at all times”(Sandoval 144) and “ a state, county, or municipal law enforcement official who lawfully stops, detains or arrests a person and who has reasonable suspicion”(Sandoval 144).This law has racially profiled many people especially Hispanics immigrants whom are the growing population in Alabama. Since the requirement makes people have to carry identification and registration documents makes it hard for immigrants especially if they do not have the papers with them all time. For instance, “after the law's enactment the Hispanic Interest Coalition of Alabama (H.I.C.A.) established a hotline for anyone living in Alabama to call and report infringements on civil rights resulting from the law”(1105 ).During this hotline many Latinos reported that they have been stopped and frisked by officers because they simply just look Hispanic. This has caused many citizens and undocumented immigrations to be stopped by the police by racially profiling them. This has caused a strait in Hispanic illegal immigrates because of the lack of papers they do not have the opportunistic to prosperity their “American Dream” ; meaning that there is other obstacle

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