Manifest Destiny Analysis

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The United States was developed both geographically and socioeconomically through Indian Removal. The use of force propelled a capitalist society in which taking what we want is not only accepted, but encouraged. This led to the idea of Manifest Destiny. Manifest Destiny is the belief that Americans are superior to others and are morally obligated to expand the territory from coast to coast. Colonist believed the best way to gain land was to remove the Indians because of the mindset of Manifest Destiny. The ideology of Manifest Destiny led to the spread of colonists into Mexican territory, ultimately leading to the expansion of the United States. The colonists believed that anything can be property, including people. Race discrimination played …show more content…
John O’Sullivan said, “Our Manifest Destiny to overspread the continent allotted by providence for the free development of our yearly multiplying millions. Yes, Manifest Destiny.” This shows the mindset of Americans at that time. Abraham Lincoln was against war, but not against expansion. Newspapers said the government knew Mexico would not do anything so they took advantage of it. Colonists believed they were superior to Mexicans even though the Mexicans saw them as equals. The character of the people of the United States was changing. The principles that our forefathers created was slowly diminishing. Colonist continued to expand into Mexican territories, settling the stage for a conflict over the state’s status and for the eventual war against Mexico. Mexico abolished slavery in 1829. This abolishment threatened slaveholders who wanted to expand their territory. The expansion by Jefferson and Jackson, disregarded race equality and brought forth the cruelty of American expansionist. James K. Polk did the same thing. The acquisition of California was his main objective. He obtained California by signing “The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, signed February 1848” setting the boundary of Texas at the Rio Grande and ceded New Mexico. Polk ignored race equality. The men that Polk sent “lost all respect for Mexican’s rights and were willing to be an instrument for Mr. Polk for pushing our boundary as far west as possible.” Racial inequality played a huge part in the expansion of the United states because people like Polk and Jackson who pushed other races off the land they

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