Good Order at Sea in the Asia-Pacific Region Essay

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The sea since long ago has been a precious sources to human kind for living and as a highway for commerce and war as well as a provider of food and other resources, supremacy of the sea was confined mainly to maritime powers as their national security policy, the concept of security has expanded from mainly military to the dimensions of political security, economic security, societal security and environmental security Now the sea is not for gaining supremacy but focusing in global trade, international shipping and maintaining the maritime security as the result of globalization . There are five features of sea importance grouped by Till those are, resource, transportation and trade, information exchange, area of dominion
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This could be achieved in the frame of international law where countries should gain a guarantee of safety and permission to explore their maritime resources in the peaceful manner and environmentally friendly . In order to achieve an ideal figure of good order at sea, till concludes several requirements for maintaining maritime security; improving the level of public maritime awareness, establishing effective maritime policy, and integrating maritime governance supported by navy and coast guard roles . Increasing maritime awareness
Sea exploration essentially needed to be more examined in order to boost people interest and concern on sea. In fact, the research on sea has a lesser appreciation in public research than about outer space. Furthermore, public has slowly forgotten the sea importance to human life due to world’s climate and environment, which has an impact to their future directly . Regardless of the real scientist and research expedition on sea, the only institution that familiar and conceptually handle the sea is Navy. They took the important role at sea not only because their duty but also impact to the world understanding of sea . To enhance maritime awareness the Navy’s and Coast guard’s role as the most well equipped and experienced could be reliable enough to handle maritime research such as hydrographic and oceanic survey in regard to publicity and understanding on sea, even though that is not their primary

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