Globalization is Nothing New Essay

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The assignment outlines the contextual differences between the terms "Globalization" and "International Business" by summarizing scientific explanations in the economical literature as well as associated social-cultural and politicly related approaches. It depicts the different contemporary perceptions of both terms and searches for new and unprecedented sets of environmental determinants within the explanations provided for the term Globalization in order to identify differences from International Business
As a conclusion, the assignment argues, that globalization is in fact nothing unprecedented in terms of economy and could be subsumed under the term international business.

Globalization and International Business
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B)     Approach

Since that process is interpreted, described and sometimes negated differently in literature, the following approach was chosen to work out the existence of differences between international Business and Globalization: Rather than concentrating on the recognition of a supposedly new transformational process in international trade, the research focused firstly on the identification of new environmental determinants, that might have provoked significant changes in the way trade is been conducted. Because if the past decades had in fact not experienced any unprecedented set of environmental determinants, it is unlikely that a new and revolutionary process could exist which is not already sufficiently described by the traditional term International Business.
The different associations expressed in literature and society in regard to Globalization were therefore consequently evaluated upon their ability to proof the existence of a new set of environmental determinants that have not been known in international business before and that could therefore provide the basis for an unprecedented process.

Several mayor perceptions exist, of how Globalization should be described, here summarized in two: the

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