Family And Race Case Study

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Many studies on family and race, specifically Asians prove that people’s lives are structured in a certain way and have a clear impact on their life chances. Although these statements are true and relatable on a personal level, some of these facts are beginning to wane away. An example of this would be a quote from Yen-Chun Cheryl Chen and Jui-Chung Allen Li “the father-son axis is fundamental to the family relations in East Asian societies,” (62) this must have been true for past generations but a lot of time has passed since then, which renders this statement false. On the other hand, a statement that still seems relevant comes from Kimberly Goyette and Yu Xie “distinct Asian American groups have higher educational expectations than do whites.” (22) Some of these studies are directly relatable but others would have to be interpreted differently. All in all, family is the core attribute in a family with Asian descent. “Asian families are considered to have more commonalities than those in other parts of the world. Parental authority may be observed in the strict regulation of study and training childhood, mate selection during adolescence to young adulthood, and intergenerational support in later family life course.” (Chin-Chun Yi, 253) As the quote from …show more content…
Personally, majority of these researches were relatable however because of the time that has passed since these articles were written some factors has changed. Regardless of that fact the points proven through the research is absolutely agreeable. Although time might pass and researches change, social forces will never fade away. Which is why these findings correlate with personal life experiences. The perspective of the two social forces chosen, family and race may change as society advances but a fact that will eternally stay true is that these social forces are a part of one’s

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