Female Suicide Bombers Essay

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Female Suicide Bombers

Suicide bombers have become today’s weapon of choice. Middle Eastern terrorists are using suicide bombers because they are low cost, low technology, and a low risk weapon. Suicide bombers have also become readily available, requiring little training, leaving no trace behind, and strike fear into the general population. The success of suicide bombers depends upon an element of surprise, as well as acceptability to targeted area or populations. Both of these required fundamentals have been enjoyed by women suicide bombers. Female suicide bombers were used in the past; however, the recent spat of them in different venues and for different terrorist organizations has largely increased.
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The specifics behind what has driven Palestinian women to become engaged in acts of terrorism are indeed very complex. Palestinian female suicide bombers have deemed it critical to actively and personally declare war on Israel and on the chokehold they have on the Palestinians (Efrat 70). By blowing themselves up, they believe they contribute in the most honorable way possible to bringing down the enemy.
Since January, 2002, Palestinian women have heightened their involvement in the Israeli conflict by joining the ranks of men who use themselves as human bombs and commit acts of suicide bombings. While women commit these militant acts as an attempt to bring resolution to the struggle that is taking place, and not necessarily to break down gender roles, they have nonetheless found themselves challenging traditional standards that prohibit them from engaging in war affairs.
A suicide bomber, someone who is willing to die for a cause, is puzzling. What many people still do not know is what exactly a suicide bomber is. The Institute for Counter Terrorism (ICT) defined suicide bombings as an “operational method in which the very act of the attack is dependent upon the death of the perpetrator. The terrorist is fully aware that if she/he does not kill her/himself, the planned attack will not be implemented” (Waldman 45). The term “suicide bomber” is an emotionally laden term. Some even describe

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