Essay on Female Body and Media: The Real Secret

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It is virtually impossible to spend a day consuming media without hearing the troubling veracity of the portrayal of the female body by the media. This portrayal influences some females’ self-confidence. Throughout the past century, the ideal body form ranged from the boyish looking flapper girl, to the hourglass, to skinny twiggy, to today’s thin ideal. Thankfully, a new advertising movement embraces the female body in different shapes, colors, and sizes. This development has powerful supporters such as actress Jennifer Lawrence, who is known for refusing to lose weight for roles. Her reasoning is to encourage her fans that they do not have to squeeze into the ideal thin body type ("Jennifer Lawrence”). Today’s technology makes …show more content…
This is prevalent in women of all ages, but especially during teenage and early adulthood. The pressure to feel a part of media’s ideal image can have minor and major effects physically, mentally, and socially on individuals. Undoubtedly, media cannot be fully blamed for drastic measures females to mirror such images because of the falsity in powerful effects. However, media do have a powerful correlation on human reactions. The thin ideal encourages some girls to diet or skip meals, “25 percent of college-age women engage in binging and purging as a weight-management technique” ("Eating Disorders"). Furthermore, in a survey of 185 college age females over half felt pressure to be a certain size or weight ("Eating Disorders"). The dangers of how media can impact females is additionally mentioned in Media Effects Research, “To the extent that there is a perceived mismatch, young girls might start down a road that could lead to various eating disorders like bulimia or anorexia nervosa. Such a path might jeopardize the health, or even life, of young girls” (Sparks 241). Fortunately, one company is challenging the thin ideal in their “Real” campaign. In January of 2014, American Eagle’s lingerie brand, Aerie, launched its latest advertisements. Its motto is, “We want every girl to feel good about who they are and what they look like, inside out” ("Aerie Launches”). This innovating campaign breaks traditional

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