Slutwalks And The Future Of Feminism By Jessica Valent Analysis

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In her article “SlutWalks and the Future of Feminism,” Jessica Valenti affirms that women deserve to dress the way to express themselves or behave without being judged, violent assault, or rape. Any women who dress like a slut (or they are one); whichever they are men do not have the right to rape them. Young female are “taking to the street to protest sexual assault” in marches called SlutWalks. I strong agree with the SlutWalks movement; it shows beauty myth can be terminated and equality of women and men. Also, women tend to use social media to show their freedom and protest for things they believe it is needed. Patriarchy has been judging women’s appearance over decades; however, Valenti’s article are proving and showing women are moving to a new wave, the Fourth Wave of feminism. SlutWalks feminism movement began when a student at Toronto’s York University was told that women shouldn’t dress like sluts if they don’t want to be …show more content…
She defines beauty myth as “political weapon against women’s advancement.” And I think that the word beauty myth is to use to measure women’s beauty: thin and beautiful. “Beauty,” this word has changed many women’s perspectives on their bodies; female comparing themselves to other female or have plastic surgery or lose weight or wear makeup. For example, wolf points out that thirty three thousand American women would rather lose ten to fifteen pounds than do something that’s needed. Those reasons are systemic, cultural, and hell-bent on patriarchy. Patriarchy, male dominated, whose has set the standard for women which it causes many female fellows to trash their body for the “perfection” that men wants. We need to stop, as Wolf says, “debating the symptoms more passionately than the disease.” We can terminate the beauty myth that is set by the patriarchy if women realize that overall judgmental has nothing to do with our physical

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