Familial Structures in Portrayed in Media Essay

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Familial Structures in Portrayed in Media Over the course of the past 50 years, society has made many progressive changes about family structure from the perfect, cookie cutter family with a successful husband and a trophy wife to the introduction of a family with multiple members living in one house. Societal changes along with melting pot culture have reshaped the definition of “family” and represent the diverse households in America. Today, TV shows depict single fathers raising an entire household, same-sex couples attempting to share responsibilities, and traditional families striving to blend into culture. When it comes to portraying evolving family dynamics, TV shows such as Full House, Modern Family, and Pavitra Rishta illustrate …show more content…
Although every viewer interprets media differently, Full House became a classic American family show with substance and value. An episode that really struck with the audience was when the viewers see the daughters’ reaction to losing their grandfather. Although Danny, Jesse, and Joey are consoling the girls, they aren’t able to understand their pain as they are all below the age of 10. We see the oldest sister, DJ step up and take initiative to try and console her little sisters as they are trying to cope with the death of someone who they admired and who was very influential in their lives. The media portrays Danny as someone who wants the best for his daughters and would go to the ends of the Earth for them, however he is able to succeed as a single father with the help of Jesse and Joey. The creators of this episode illustrated an aspect of a close family bond right after the grandfather died and they were holding hands at the dinner table. They wanted to convey to the viewers that no matter what unexpected turns life takes, your family would always be there to support one another. The episode ends with Danny sitting with his daughters in their bedroom comforting them and teaching them that life is too short. Being a single father, his daughters understand that Danny is trying his hardest to play both roles of a mother and father. Throughout this episode, although he was overprotective at times, the daughters learned to appreciate Danny for guiding them and

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