Extending the School Day Can Increase Literacy Essay

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The area of need that I would like to try and fix at my high school is the lack of extended school day activities to help improve literacy for our struggling students. With our stagnant test results that our school has shown over the last few years on our state standardized tests, we need something in place to help our all of our struggling students reach proficient levels for graduation. There are programs already in our school day designed to improve reading skills. Read 180 program is used on our campus for our truly low level reading students, and we have time during the week, called SET time that is designed to give students time to make up work or get extra help in all educational classes. This research project that I am …show more content…
1). Some schools even decided that after the left the list for under-performing schools, which under Florida state law states that schools must add an hour to their school day, there were schools that decided to keep that extra hour on their school day to maintain their literacy level, in fear of their student under achieving again on the FCAT. The elementary schools were allowed to design how they would incorporate the extra hour to the school day. Some of the schools changed the curriculum and materials they were using, while other schools used an “all-hands on deck” approach, which every teacher and classroom aide would take small groups of students with the same literacy skills and work with them on a daily basis. These teachers would go through extensive staff development where the staff worked together to find ways and processes that would help their students. By reviewing this article, an extended school day that focuses on student literacy improvement in elementary schools is successful, but can it be successful in middle and high schools? What are some programs do middle schools and high schools use now to improve literacy? I researched and found an article that will help me answer these questions. In the next article, the authors looked into some of the new programs that are designed to help improve literacy skills for middle and high school students. Slavin et al. (2008) looked at achievement outcomes of four of the literacy

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