Role Of Education In Evolving American Culture

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Evolving Education, Evolving American Culture, or both? A great education begins with the desire to learn. Education plays a ginormous role in American culture. What is education? Education is where you go to soak in in new information to grow as a human being. What is American culture? American culture is the United Sates culture who we are what we live by our morals. As years go by and “we”-the American culture see just how much we are lacking in education. The infrastructure in education is definitely unique. We offer free education to any child in the United States. The quality is what the students gets out of the education. Now in Tennessee students have the opportunity to go to a community college for two full years for free. Many say money is deterrent to education. However, there are many factors that play a huge role in how education is offered to the American culture. None the less, education can’t always keep up with American culture’s evolving technology, never ending diversity issues, and literacy. For instance, technology is a blessing and a curse wrapped into one big evolving package. Education has tried to keep up with technology because our generations seem so …show more content…
Regardless learning is the key to have in the same environment. Today American culture today is more accepting now then twenty years ago. The reason diversity affects education is because the kids that are considered different get bullied, and sometimes it goes on inside the classroom we’re all there to do the same thing which is get an education. This doesn’t happen alone because their focus is on making those that are different feel devalued or worthless. A way that education could fix this is separating genders in the classroom, and also having classrooms for those who are gay, transgender, or

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