Evaluation of a Theatre Performance Essay

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This module (THE3000) focused on a group performance, with each individual being assessed on their performance within a chosen role. The process of the module was firstly reading a selection of plays assigned by the module leader. Groups then formed, based on their interests, balance of skills and their willingness to work with a certain text. Once the groups became existent we re-read the text chosen and discussed our opinions on various issues relevant to contemporary theatre and the aesthetics surrounding the production of the text. As an ensemble we chose Christopher Durang’s play, Betty’s Summer Vacation, initially because we all enjoyed the humorous satirical elements of the play, however as our discussion progressed we
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My main aim was to produce and present suitable costumes which reflect each characters personality as well as fitting comfortably.

Christopher Durang’s ‘Betty’s Summer Vacation’ deals with extreme realities and how they are perceived as humorous. The characters seem normal at first but throughout the play transform into emotionless human beings imitating cartoon like characters. In life today we currently deal with issues and problems from murders, physical abuse and rape, all of which are devastating and disturbing.
Durang notes that “The world is morally upside down, but seems perfectly normal to its inhabitants.” (Betty’s Summer Vacation, Christopher Durang, p.ix)
I believe that what Durang is trying to portray is how society depicts shocking issues and transforms them into comical scenes within Betty’s Summer Vacation. As the madness builds throughout the play so does the violence. My role within this is was to source and make costumes which reflect the corruption of humanity.
For example within the play, a male character, Mr Vanislaw has his penis cut off. The way it is presented suggests that it should be seen as funny to the audience. It would appear Durang is trying to create a paradox between violence/grotesque behaviour and comedy. In the foreword to the book, Durang states that the aim of

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