Essay on evaluating learning and development

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Evaluating learning and development

Evaluating learning and development 1
Definition: 2
Learning and development approach: 2
The significance of learning and development for organizations: 2
The importance of evaluating learning and development activities: 3
The purpose of evaluation learning and development: 4
Connecting learning, development and evaluation to business policy: 4
Learning and Development Methods of Evaluation: 5
Learning and Development Analysis: 6
Issues in Learning and Development: 6
Challenges in Learning and Development: 7
Conclusions: 7
References: 8
Appendix: 10

It is the process to gain and develop knowledge, skills, potentials, approach and behavior through
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In many theories we can evaluate that evaluation of L&D is the least well behavioral and mannered aspect of training activities. From this we can easily fetch the need of learning and development to reach the potentials which an employee has and to take full advantages of all the potentials from the employees.
Below are few reasons why an organization evaluates the learning and development activities:

 It helps in making the decision about the intercessions that are virtual in the future needs of an organization (Burkett, 2005).
 To show the benefit which we get from involvement in the organization.
 To give us the way to achieve and identify threats in a better way rather than the conditions in which learning and development will not helpful.
 To facilitate training departments to defend their expenses, especially when the focus on spending less even generating more outcomes is increased (Simpson, 2002).
The purpose of evaluation learning and development:

The following four objectives are defined in evaluation of learning and development process;

 Assess if planned learning and development objectives have been met

 Constant enhancement of learning and development

 To evaluate whether the assigned resources are used intelligently.

 To judge the worth for

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