Essay about Emerging Field of Green Supply Chain Management

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(chin, 2012)In supporting environmental sustainability, managing product returns has become a very important and challenging issue. Responding to this trend, researchers in many parts of the world have conducted numerous studies in reverse logistics and reverse supply chain that were considered separately from the forward channel of supply chains. Meanwhile, there are opportunities to create added values from product returns and to improve efficiency when both channels are considered in an integrated way, as a closed loop supply chain. On the other hand, remanufacturing is a very appealing option among product recovery processes that has potential to increase the value of product returns. However, the available literature and theories on …show more content…
Manufacturers in the late 1980’s went beyond what was required in the legislation and went for a greener approach in their operations systems. The purpose of this paper is to briefly review the literature of the green supply chain management (GrSCM) over the last twenty years. The key themes that came out of the literature are: green operations, green design, green manufacturing, reverse logistics and waste management. This paper will briefly discuss these issues. This paper will also mention the reasons why organizations would opt for a green supply chain. This essay will then conclude that there is a gap in the literature in terms of the stakeholder views towards green supply chain management. Knowing the different stakeholders’ views to greening initiatives requires qualitative study such as interviews – to portray the different views about the concept and how this would implicate management decisions.
Key words: Green supply chain management (GrSCM), literature review, green design, green operations and reverse logistics. (Dann, 1995)Supply chain management has traditionally been viewed as a process wherein raw materials are converted into final products, then delivered to the end-consumer This process involves extraction and exploitation of the natural resources.It is important to note however that we live in a decade where environmental sustainability has been an important issue to business practice. Since the early 1990’s, manufacturers have

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