Education in the 21st Century: The Problems and Prospects of Distance Learning

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This paper attempts to identify some of the challenges impeding the effective implementation of distance learning. It explain the characteristics of distance learning and how emerging technology can be effectively employ to bring about the desired learning outcomes among learners. The study highlight the Pros and Cons of distance learning and suggestions for maximizing it advantages was discussed.


The term distance learning are interchangeably use as distance education, distributed learning, correspondent learning, web based learning and on-line learning. This and many other acronym are use to mean learning and teaching in which the teacher and the learners are at a different geographical location. According
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The emergent of internet in the mid-80s have contributed in no small way to the success recorded in this mode of education in the knowledge explosion age (Kutty & Siraj, 2007; Glass & Sue, 2008). Research about distance learning has continued to keep pace with rapid development of the field. In the recent time, criticism has started trailing the quality of education that the students receive through this program because of the rate at which universities mount program on distance learning around the world. Some of the reasons advance includes the incompetence of the distance learner’s educator, the method of student’s evaluation and impersonations; this mode of education is regard as a lesser kind of learning, which symbolizes learning at the back door among others. These reasons are apparent shortcomings of distance learning that is making many educators to ask some fundamental questions such as; do we have to compromise standard in an attempt to provide more education opportunity? How can we teach physical, sociological, emotional, and more importantly spiritual aspect of curriculum to distance learners? Of cause this are some of the importance of education. Any education that is short of this is tantamount to the goal of holistic education. Hence, leading to producing graduates that is

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