Development of Information Retrieval User Interface: Current Status, Issues and User Expectation

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Abstract: This paper reviews several literatures on the development of information retrieval user interface. First is defining the user interface, information retrieval and its concepts. Secondly, it shall highlight several issues and status concerning to user interface. Third, some ideas and user expectation toward user interface design also highlighted. In further, some recommendation in designing user interface discussed in this paper. Lastly, a conclusion for the development of information retrieval user interface as a whole shall be included.

Keywords: Information retrieval, User interface, Issues, Interface Design, User Expectation

According to Thornley and Gibb (2009) taken from Salton and McGill (1983)
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Information seeking is an imprecise process. When users approach an information access system they often have only a fuzzy understanding of how they can achieve their goals. The users interface of the systems being the most important part to meet the need of the user to the systems. The user interface embodies the data and functions of computer-based products and provides a basis for the product's usability and commercial success. One of the important challenges to user interface design is how to help the novice user become quickly proficient and eventually become an expert user without the encumbrance of the training aids that were useful for the novice. Systematic, information-oriented visual communication, or the graphic design of the user interface, is an important part in order to make the retrieval process more effective and easy.

According to P.J.H. Hu et al. (1999) taken from Lacaster (1993) stated that, user interface design is a critical aspect and an essential component of IR systems, knowledge management systems, and other emerging information systems. Similarly to Jeng (2005) as cited by Hariri and Norouzi (2011) stated that, interface is one of the most important aspects of usability as it is the medium through which

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