Human Machine Interaction Case Study

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2.2. The goal of Human-Machine Interaction
The Human-Computer Interaction is the study of the ways that a human user will make use of computational artefacts to interact with the system and infrastructures. In doing this, much of the research results will seek to improve the interaction between the human and the computer system by improving the usability of the interface. The usability would have to be understood in the context of how it will relate to the other social and cultural values and when it might not be a desired property of the system interface.
The main goals of the Human-Computer Interaction would be to produce a usable, safe and functional system. The Usability in general would be regarded as ensuring that the interaction are
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This would especially be important for the interactive systems that would be used infrequently. The users would not have to relearn how to carry out tasks. This would unfortunately tend to happen when the operation required to be learning are obscure, illogical and have a poor sequence.
The last of these goals would be the User Experience Goals. This will focus on the realisation that the new technologies offered will increase the opportunities for supporting the users in their everyday lives. The system would need to meet the expected experiences that the users would have.
Recognising and understanding the trade-offs between the usability and the user experience goals is important. This will enable the designers to become aware of the consequences of pursuing the different combinations of them in relation to fulfilling the different user needs.
2.3. Categories vs. Main types of User Interfaces
The User Interface is the part of the system that will handle the Human-Computer Interaction. In many of the complex modern systems, the interface would typically be computerised. The user interfaces will be designed from knowledge based on computer science and because of this there are different types if interfaces that can be
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Some of the newer implementations will utilise Java and JavaScript. This would then eliminate the need to refresh a traditional HTML based Web Browser. This particular type of user interface will be administrated through the use of control panels.
The Touchscreens are displayed that will both accept the input by touching the screen with a finger or a stylus. This is used in a growing number of modern mobile, point-of-sale, self-service and industrial processes devices.
The Command Line Interfaces will accept a command string that the user will have to type in from the keyboard. The output from the system will provide its output by printing text on the system monitor. These interfaces will be used by programmers and system administrators in the engineering and scientific environments.
The Touch User Interface will be a graphical user interface that will make use of a touchpad or a touchscreen display as a combined input and output device. This will supplement or replace other forms of output with haptic feedback methods. This is very popular in computerised

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