Counterterrorism Techniques: Diplomatic Initiatives vs. Military Force

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3. When it comes to counterterrorism, some critics argue that Western diplomatic and development initiatives may prove to be far more effective than using military force in countering and reducing the popularity of terrorist groups like al Qaeda in Muslim countries. Do you agree or disagree and why?
Debate over formulating appropriate responses to terrorism has raged for many years. In the case of extremist groups such as Al Qaeda and their operations in the Muslim world, many critics have argued that Western diplomatic and development initiatives may contribute more to a long-term solution than the application of military force ever could. In this essay, I will explore the landscape of counter terrorism by examining the seismic shift in
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Former President George W. Bush reinforced this paradigm with his infamous proclamation; “We will make no distinction between the terrorists who committed these acts and those who harbour them.” Terrorism was defined as an act of supreme evil to be condemned and rejected by the combined strength of the international community. Peace comes from a determined resolve to fight against the menace of extremism, rejecting utterly and permanently any opportunity for a diplomatic resolution:

The United Nations should project a clear, principled and immutable message that terrorism is unacceptable. Terrorists must never be allowed to create a pretext for their actions. Whatever the causes they claim to be advancing, whatever grievances they claim to be responding to, terrorism cannot be justified. The United Nations must maintain the moral high ground in this regard.
Human Security Report 2005: War and Peace in the 21st Century.

Unfortunately the clear light of hindsight has failed to establish the efficiency of a predominantly military approach; despite the Coalition achieving some significant military victories in the field, these military operations have failed to address the root causes of the conflict. However spectacular, military triumphs can serve to galvanise the ‘profound hatred of the West’ at the core of Jihadism and attract further recruits to extremist activities rather than dissuade them.

In central Asia an

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