Coca Cola Bottling Company: Planning, Management, Leading and Controlling

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Coca Cola is a worldwide known company that is very successful. The success of this company is due to the structure and management of how this company has been run. " In 1886, John Permberton, an Atlanta pharmacist and civil war veteran with a passion for making home made headache cures, brewed the first batch of Coca-Cola." When Coca-Cola started to become popular a business man named As a Candler bought the beverage from Pemberton and started Coca-Cola on it's road to success. Candler had the resources to start the Coca-Cola Empire and due to the functions of management as a foundation, it has reached success and remained as one of the biggest companies in the world. The four functions of management include: planning, …show more content…
Coca-Cola now became a globalize product." "They operate worldwide, transcending national borders. Looking into a more technological view of how Coca-Cola came about and it's technological uses then and now, we will start with how Coca-Cola came about: In 1886, John Pemberton, discovered the drink for making homemade headache cures. Coca Cola was successful due in part to their technological systems. One of the most important ways this drink became so successful was first developed for medical purposes, being made for this purpose, along with being used for purposes such as opening a soda parlor where people can go to taste the different types of beverage syrups served by some "soda jerks." As time passed many different types of technology developed. There are many different types of ways this drink affects us every day and most people do not know that this drink is being used to remove blood from highway asphalt after an accident. It will dissolve a T-bone steak in two days, clean a toilet, remove rust spots from chrome car bumpers and remove grease from clothes. These are some of the technological ways coke can improve lives throughout America and the world. As this business improved, transportation technology also improved along with the ability of using bottling technology system to

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