Natio Case Study

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4.3 Agency
Furthermore, having shopping stores and online channels, collaborating with agencies in China is not a bad idea. Natio can increase the volume of sale through agencies. Agencies could be in beauty center such as makeup artist, beauty salon; and health center for example spa, beauty therapy, and dermatology. Using our products by these agencies or selling in these cosmetic places would make our brand and product more reliable in Chinese customer perspective. Because most skincare customers afraid due to they do not know which products will work with their skin but if they have seen our products from these agencies, it would make them more comfortable and feel safe to know which products is fit for them.
Implementation and control
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We resolved to utilize poll and individual meeting to get remarks from customers. Prior to the begin of monitoring; it is clear that everything done is to help the sales. Setting the administration technique as a case, the firm gives make up instructing courses for customers who spent over ¥1,000 CNY on the items of Natio. In the wake of encountering items, customers will be getting some information about their sentiments toward this and suggestions should be gotten from them. This is expected to realize that whether buyers are fulfilled by the administration and what should be done to gain ground and check the brand awareness in the …show more content…
Its part is to occasionally ensure that the marketing plan underscores the organization 's qualities in ways that are good with moving market assessments, current occasions, styles, inclinations, needs, and needs of applicable market players. This distinguishes market opportunities and new or potential markets
On the basis of analysis for the Natio to enter the Chinese market, we will recommend some points for consideration as:
 Natio must consider its supply chain and focus on its global strategies to assure the availability of the product in foreign market at any time.
 Also suppliers may be accepted only on the basis of quality product available consistently.
 Natio must also use the promotional pricing and also use the start demo packs for the customers to get satisfied with the product.
 Not only the sales and distribution but Natio needs to focus on its marketing strategies from global perspective.
 At start we think it is not wise to place store but do make a start with agency first and after product is accepted to Chinese market, Natio must place its stores and outlets overseas.

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