Hershey Company Essay

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Cadbury Company Cadbury Dairy Milk is one of the world’s biggest confectionery company holds number one or two positions in the 50 largest global confectionery markets. They create chocolate, gum and candy brands. There are nearly 50,000 employees in over 60 countries and sell their products in markets everywhere around the worldCadbury, which is the world's second largest confectionery company, the second largest chewing gum company, the third largest soft drinks company, is also the only company that has a chocolate, candy and gum products, is a leading a large, growing, brand-led industry. It has a great market shares and has many honest consumers, but it has also a numerous of competitors such as Altria Group, Nestle,
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Nestle is the world's largest food manufacturer, and Nestle is famous for producing instant coffee and chocolate bars. Currently has for the local market and culture-rich products, such as Chocolate and candy, bottled water, beverages and dried milk. Hershey is the largest chocolate and candy manufacturer in the North America. Ferrero Group is the world's fourth largest chocolate manufacturer. Unilever Group is the world's second-largest consumer products maker. Unilever operates the following two major product areas: food and household and personal care products. So, besides Cadbury, Philippe Morris, Nestle, Hershey, Ferrero also produce candy and chocolate and some companies' scale is larger than Cadbury. That it is a great threaten to Cadbury and they are the direct competitors to Cadbury as well. And all global candy and chocolate enterprise play a great role in the …show more content…
He opened a shop in Birmingham, England and started to selling tea and cocoa in 1824. In 1831, he started manufacturing drinking chocolate and cocoa. In 2003, Adams Confectionery was acquired and through its number 1 brands including Trident and Halls. They became the leading worldwide confectionery company and the world’s number 2 in chewing gum. Objectives Before commencing a business, each and every management should decide on which market strategy they will be using and which strategy will help them for long term. They must take into consideration that correct and precise marketing objectives are set for their business. It will help the business to become as successful as possible in the future. The best way to ensure that the business have set realistic and achievable objectives for the business.
By using the following acronym of ‘SMART’, it helps to identify the business to make sure high-quality objectives are being set. It will help to maintain high sales for the

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