Essay on Career Opportunities: The History of Teaching

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In America today, there are various careers and opportunities available, especially in educational departments. Being a teacher is an influential and challenging job that will help influence individual lives. This career traces back from ancient Greek and Roman cultures, (561 B.C.). This research will clarify information on the history, qualifications, requirements, reflections, and the position of teachers. To choose the profession of being a teacher comes from wanting to express/generate ideas, teach children about test-taking skills, and lead American schools to success. Being a teacher is not about the tangible attributes such as money or the process of creating lesson plans, but it is about being a very influential person who is full …show more content…
“According to the Department of Education Data, more than ninety-five percent of our teachers have regular certification” (New York Times 17). Factors that can affect education includes: religious variables, technology, and globalization. Based on these concerns, we will not realize that education cannot become a durable process until it practices on a solid foundation.
There are several of qualifications and requirements that are needed to become or obtain the career of teaching. According to the US Department of Education, “all states require teachers to have at least a bachelor’s degree in Education. All future teachers should learn how to present information to students by exercising the program of student teaching” (Occupational Outlook Handbook 2). Both community and four-year colleges provide the basic concepts needed to become a teacher. After receiving one’s degree in education, future teachers need to pass a general teaching certification test on basic subjects. This particular test is called the Praxis test. Most individuals may ask, “What are the Praxis Core Academic Skills for Educators”? Praxis tests measure an individual’s academic skills in reading, writing, comprehension, and mathematics. These tests were designed to provide assessments to measure the skills and knowledge of future candidates. Praxis test are one of the most important components in the process of getting a teacher license. Praxis test are usually given through network

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