Essay on Can a Romantic Movie Relate to Modern Romance?

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Can a Romantic Movie Relate to Modern Romance? Have you ever watched a movie about people falling in love? If so, you have watched a romantic movie. Romantic movies can be defined as a genre wherein the plot revolves around the love between two protagonists (“The script lab”, 2013). There are many romantic movies, but, the one that will be discussed in this essay will be the movie “The Vow”. So, how does this movie portray modern romance? These questions will help answer that question:
1) What is the Movie Description?
2) What is the Story behind “The Vow”?
3) How does this movie portray modern romance?
What is the Movie Description? “The Vow” is a wonderful love story. It stars two wonderfully nice people who happened to be married for
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The movie reflects a lot on the true story. But, the actual story behind “The Vow” has a little more “insight” on what actually happened in real life. It all started with a 24 year old Krickitt; she just recently graduated college, and started her career as a sales representative for a sporting goods company in Anaheim, Southern California. While Kim, on the other hand, worked as a baseball coach for New Mexico Highlands University, which was 1,000 miles away from Krickitt. Then one day Kim decided to call Krickitt’s sports company so he and his team could have sports jackets (Mulkerrins, 2012). According to Kim “There was immediately a connection, and so I kept on calling, ordering more jackets than a man could wear in a lifetime. She would send me little personal notes with all of my orders. She was so vibrant, bubbly and cheerful, her personality was just infectious.” Soon after that, they became really close and would talk for hours. “This was years before Skype, texting or Facebook, so we spoke using long-distance calling cards and wrote hundreds of letters. We knew so much about each other before we even met,” says Krickitt. CAN A ROMANTIC MOVIE RELATE TO MODERN ROMANCE?
After six-months of talking, Kim invited Krickitt to visit him in New Mexico. According to Kim, “It was just like finally meeting my best friend.” Then, the couple started seeing each other every weekend; and that following

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