Business Process Reengineering Essay

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In today’s environment, with the emergence of different technologies, new products are introduced in the market which has caused the shift in the control to the customers; products and services are now designed according to the customers’ needs. Competition is also growing due to the existence of wider choice of the customer; products and services choices are not based on price anymore but on quality and pre or post-sale services. Changes as well are continuous, for instance, customers’ needs and technologies are constantly changing. In the business environment though, every business has the same goals which are to increase their market share and obtain the maximum of profits possible. To be able to realize those goals, every business …show more content…
To make the implementation of BPR successful though, businesses need to clearly understand what BPR is, what are the reasons and consequences of its failure, and how to mitigate its risks.
As pointed out by Delvin Grant in his article entitled, A wider view of Business Process Reengineering, “unclear definition of BPR projects” (85), is one of the reasons of BPR’s failure. Defining or understanding the BPR concept is then really important; it involves describing what PBR is about, what the reasons of its use are, and what its key enablers are.
Business Process Reengineering or BPR is a methodology of redesigning business processes to be more effective and efficient in order to enhance competitive advantage, offer better quality product and services to customers, and respond quickly to the changing environment. BPR is all about thinking and behavioral change, forgetting the old system, and focusing on the new one. In her article entitled, Information technology in Business Process reengineering, Marta Fossas Olalla stated,
Hammer and Champy [1994, p. 19] define BPR as “fundamental revision and radical redesign of processes to reach spectacular improvements in critical and contemporary measurements of efficiency, such as costs, quality, service and quickness.” Key words in this BPR definition are:
1) Fundamental: What is the company’s basic style of working?
2) Radical: All existing procedures and structures must be forgotten and new styles of working

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