Business and IT Strategy Essay

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Two organizations that show the importance of aligning a company’s business strategy with their IT strategy are Cirque du Soleil and Major League Baseball. Both of these organizations rely on digital technology to make it easier to provide to their customers better entertainment through collaboration.
Cirque du Soleil, which was founded in 1984, has met a large amount of success in its short 30 years of operation. This Canadian multinational entertainment company has venues all over the world based in Canada, the United States and Japan. Along with these venues they perform their shows in multinational tours across the globe reaching over 40 countries. The large amount of success however did not come without the strategic use of technology
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The life cycle of a touring show begins with the show creation process. This involves composition of music, choreography of artists, setting up the central theme of the show, etc. Cirque Memory plays a pivotal role in this stage to maintain various information such as comments, observations, and character and costume details. The Open Eyes application also helps in enhancing this creative layer by allowing the employees to share their creative experiences with the entire company. This is aided by their robust Intranet. In the design stage of the show, a custom developed costume application is used to automate the process of designing and customizing costumes based on the measurements obtained from artists. It also acts as a database to store comments and notes, along with the actual design patterns of costumes, which is used for requirement planning of costumes prior to the touring shows, while the make-up application helped in the storage and retrieval of information related to the make-up processes easier. During the preparation stage, the custom application Kin-Cirque is made use of to track the physical fitness of the artists by fitness trainers. During the performance, computer aided choreography is used to help with the stunts and automated light, smoke, graphics, etc. to add a layer to the performance’s stage. Not only do the shows themselves rely on technology,

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