Essay on Brutus’ Love for Rome in Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar

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Brutus was a well-known person who loved Rome. His love for Rome led to him helping someone murder Julius Caesar, his leader. As a person do you love and care about your state or country so much that you would kill your leader to protect the people in it? Brutus cared so much about Rome and his people that he did just that. He lost his life for Rome, and it truly showed how much he cared for the people, which showed his level of honor. An honorable person is someone who is of high rank, has dignity, and highly respected. In the tragedy, “Julius Caesar”, Brutus proves that he is the most honorable Roman through his loyalty, because he was loved by the people of Rome, he helped kill his leader to help Rome, and he willingly lost his life …show more content…
The people of Rome did not care for Caesar as well. Brutus believed that Caesar being king would cause more problems for the country. Brutus wanted the best for his country so he decided to eliminate the problem which was King Julius Caesar. Brutus explains to Lucius saying, “That at his will he may do danger with the abuse of greatness…“ (Act 1, Scene 3) Brutus felt as if Caesar would take the power of being king to his head which would cause issues for the people of Rome. In scene three of act one of “Julius Caesar, Brutus says, “Not that I loved Caesar less, but that I loved Rome more.” (Act 1, Scene 3) This shows that his love for Rome was greater than his love for Caesar. Brutus gave his life for the betterment of Rome. After the death of Caesar wars broke out between Octavius, Mark Antony, Cassius and Brutus. Brutus wins the first battle, and then he loses the second battle. Brutus did not want to be captured so he walked into a sword while one of his soldiers was holding it and killed himself. Since Brutus’ death, there was a reason why he did what he did to kill himself. The reason was because of the love he had for Rome. He loved Rome so much that he killed the king then himself. When Mark Antony finds Brutus’ body he calls him “The noblest Roman of all.” (Act 5, Scene 5). This shows that Brutus was honorable for risking and losing his life for his country.
Throughout the play “Julius Caesar”,

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