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John Belushi’s behavior and life can be described using the psychodynamic perspective. The psychodynamic model is the oldest and most famous of the modern psychological models. Psychodynamic theorists believe that a person’s behavior is determined largely by underlying psychological forces which he or she is not consciously aware. These internal forces are described as dynamic and their interaction gives rise to behavior, thoughts, and emotions. Abnormal symptoms are viewed as the result of conflicts between these forces (Comer 2011). I felt the psychodynamic model would help to describe John Belushi’s life and behavior because there were underlying psychological forces that were causing his unusual behaviors and lifestyles. John Belushi …show more content…
The Psychodynamic perspective is an efficient tool to help explain Belushi’s behavior and lifestyle, since he had underlying psychological forces. Psychodynamic theorists would view John Belushi as a person of conflict and would want to look into his case. The theorists would explore his past experiences because psychological conflicts are often tied to early relationships and to traumatic experiences that occurred during childhood. Childhood experiences are a significant portion of the psychodynamic perspective, so this would be a huge tool to determine his behaviors. Psychodynamic theories view no behavior to be accidental and all behavior is determined by past experiences. Based on this perspective, Belushi probably had some childhood experiences that caused his behaviors. The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders IV TR requires clinicians to evaluate a client’s condition on five separate axes when making a diagnosis. Some cases can be more difficult than others when using the DSM-IV-TR. John Belushi could be described as having the following diagnosis:
Axis I: Major Depressive Disorder
Axis II: Dependent Personality Disorder
Axis III: Substance-abuse Personality
Axis IV: Problems related to the physiological dependence
Axis V: GAF = 60
Belushi’s Behavior Based on Psychodynamic Perspective
Most psychodynamic theorists believe that people who abuse substances have powerful

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