Are Factory Farms the Way of the Future? Essay

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According to the article Factory Farms “Livestock farming in the U.S. today is done almost entirely on large-scale farms called factory farms” (Factory Farms). These factory farms are necessary to keep up with the economic pressure for lower food costs because American citizens have a high demand for meat, poultry, eggs and dairy products (Factory Farms).
Supporters agree that large scale Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFO) are the best way to supply the demand of the people. David Holcomb, a poultry farmer himself, says “We feed the nation. We give it the cheapest and safest food we have ever had. And yet so many people want to destroy us.” Not just David Holcomb, but all farmers agree that they wouldn’t mistreat the animals if
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What’s different is next to the lagoon sits a basin covered with an inflated tarp. This is the biodigester (Nicole). Every week the biodigester turns 400,000 gallons of liquid hog manure into biogas that fuels the farm. This North Carolina farm has been turning waste into biofuel since 2011, generating its own renewable energy source.
“Hog CAFOs emit high volumes of the potent greenhouse gas methane (pound for pound, hog manure produces twice the methane of cattle manure) and ammonia, which has been linked to respiratory ailments” (Nicole). This is why CAFOs have been researching to find a better way to avoid so many environmental issues. When North Carolina put into place environmental laws concerning CAFOs scientists at Duke University took the opportunity to revamp swine farms. Duke Energy (North Carolina’s largest utility), Engineers from Cavanaugh Solutions, and even Google got in on the project. Loyd Bryant, owner of Loyd Ray Farms, agreed to test the new technology on his farm. Bryant stated
“I like the idea of reducing odors on the farm, which I knew my neighbors would appreciate.
I liked the idea of having healthier pigs from the ammonia control, which helps them grow better and reduces mortality. And I liked the idea that I might be able to expand my farm someday

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