Apple Computer, Inc. Essay

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When Steve Jobs started his computer building business some many years ago, I wonder if It had dawned on him that so many papers and textbook articles would be written about his company and how he and his company Apple did busy. Apple has been on the cutting edge of so many different ideas and has truly changed how the business world turns. When performing an internal scan of Apple and looking at the companies strengths and weakness three categories rise to the top. These categories are Apples Structure or to put it into other words it is a review of Apple’s chain of command. Really, it is who reports to whom and when reviewing the top management and some of the personal that are sitting on the board of directors?
In 1985, an
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This investigation review hundreds of thousands emails and other documents and which might have lead to the resignation of a board member that was a former CFO for Apple. In addition, another board member resigned leaving a spot on the board of directors of Apple that appointed to the CEO of Goggle. In 2006, Goggle was in the leader in the search engine on the web and was a successful advertising giant. Many thought and still think that Google and Apple will merge, however there has never been official words released to the public about such things. Apple Culture has always stood out from the norm and has always been unique in design. Apple has always been on the front lines of new business culture in its own way. “Apple’s culture is as distinct as its products are groundbreaking. It’s evident in every aspect of the company, every interaction with every employee from executive management to the salespeople in its renowned Apple stores. I don’t know if it all emanates from founder and chief executive Steve Jobs, but the company’s Think Different mindset isn’t just a tag line; it captures and reinforces the company’s unique cult-like culture, the way it operates from top to bottom.” (Tobak, 2011)
The culture seemed to follow the Structure in a way that there are difficulties and in the history of Apple many executives including CEO and board member left Apple because of

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