Americas Troubled Waters Essay

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On March 11, 2011 a disaster in Japan took place that shocked the world. A tsunami triggered a 9.0 earthquake and caused total devastation. During the chaos of the aftershocks, three of Japan’s nuclear power plants exploded. The radiation from the power plants was spilled out into the open killing thousands of people. Making matters worse, wind gusts spread the radiation all over the world putting pollution at an all time high, and the making the water extremely unsafe around Japan and moving closer to the United States. Pollution is a worldwide problem. Not disposing household chemicals correctly, not recycling, and dumping waste into water are just a few of hundreds of ways to pollute the water. There have been many previous …show more content…
More waste will be produced in an area as it gets bigger. In major cities such as San Francisco, there are more people than there is sewage space. The environment can't take care of all of the human waste and function in its usual manner. This just being one city, there are thousands. The sewage plants manage what they can, but that is usually not enough, and sometimes it gets in to the water supply. This causes many problems. The surplus of waste is more than enough to cause large amounts of algae. Lakes are sometimes green and cloudy, this is dead algae. The lakes are cloudy because of a process called eutrophication. This is when algae growth gets so big and uses all the oxygen in the water making it an unlivable habitat for any aquatic organism. Eutrophication happens in cycles in the spring and fall, but they are not large amount so the water can usually deal with this. When the waste from the cities gets added to these bodies of water, the water can’t control all the algae that is growing. Then the water has no oxygen. Soon all of the dead algae piles up and makes the lake shallower, until it totally fills in and dries up. An example of this is Lake Balkhash. Lake Balkhash is the second largest lake in Central Asia. There is great use of water due to population in the western areas of China. The lake is much polluted sewage and other industrial waste making it unfit according to

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