Against Capital Punishment Essay

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Why is it deemed acceptable to kill an individual upon request? To end somebody’s life right before there very eyes. Capital punishment is the acceptance to kill an individual on trial for crimes they have committed. The death penalty is legal in 32 states out of 50 and that should be changed. Capital punishment is such an expensive process it is wasting money that could be going to funding something else that is more of an important cause. The state of California alone has spent over four billion dollars on capital punishment cases since it was made legal in 1978. Supporters of capital punishment neglect to see all of the negative effects to the death penalty. It painfully affects the inmates as well as taxpayers and family of …show more content…
Capital Punishment has been in effect for a very long time. Since 1976 there have been a total of 1348 executions 56% of them being white inmates and 35% African American. Lethal injection seems to be the number one way of taking a person’s life with a total of 1176 deaths standing next to 158 that died from electrocution.

For those who support capital punishment always neglect to look deeper into the matter. What people don’t realize is that the capital punishment is extremely expensive. In the 32 states that capital punishment is legal; the taxpayers contribute by funding it. The taxpayers pay for the sentences in which 30% are overturned, investigating in the crime itself and finally the gathering of all the evidence. For a single execution, it can cost a state up to 3.2 million dollars. This is true for the state of Florida in which it spent 57 million dollars for 18 executions in the span of fifteen years. In six years Texas managed to spend 183.2 million dollars. The bulk of the price mainly comes from the many trials that come along with the capital punishment process. When an inmate is on death row, their hearing is split into two trials. First a guilt trial and then a sentence; however this is only half the cost. The appealing process also costs a lot of money, adding in the security on death row and the execution itself. Suddenly this “simple process”

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