Adverstisement Essay

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Are you tough enough to play ice hockey with no fear? While looking through different kinds of advertisements, I saw the “Verizon Wireless V Cast” commercial from the “Sports Illustrated” magazine, which was published on October 2007. At a first glance, I realized that the advertisement is trying to convey the idea that if people purchase the V Cast cell phone, they will have chance to feel like they were playing the actual hockey game. This advertisement is targeted to age of 15-25 males who love ice hockey. However, as I paid close attention to the ad, I noticed that the company is trying to play around with our emotions. By stating that ordinary people are not capable of playing a violent sport, the advertisement is negatively affecting …show more content…
The cell phone company tries to capture a large share of teenagers and young adults with a memorable illustration by telling them that V cast is a solution to overcome their fear. When the audiences look at the ad, they will get intimated by the hockey players’ aggressive faces that portrays violent side of the sport. Still, there is nothing to worry about for puny audience because the company is actually proposing a cheerful statement implicitly. It is true because there are several remarkable points suggested within the ad. A red jersey and a white jersey and black chairs and white ice link are intentionally chosen because the contrastive colors tend to make people to pay attention more. We can notice that the company does not want them to glance off its ad. Since the company’s ultimate reason for making an ad is to persuade as much people as they can to make them join the V Cast, the black Verizon cell phone is eminently put on the commercial. From this illustration, teenage people will notice that they do not have to play an actual game. Instead, they will be relaxed and get excited to watch videos and replays of the game whenever they want. The advertiser also used popularity of the ice hockey to appeal specifically for high school students who like to play sport. However, most students know that they are not capable of playing for the NHL. It means that they will seek for

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