Advanced Economy Questionnaire Essay

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Question 1,
How is building a brand in a business- to - business context different from doing so in the consumer market?
Creating and developing a strong product brand is a very critical step towards placing or setting a company apart from its competitors. This step depends on many variables within the business environment within which the company exist and belong. For example a company has to understand its operation, its market and most importantly who its clients and competitors are. A brand is simply a name, design or mark that informs/tells consumers the identity of a products and also enables consumers to reduce most risk involved in the buying decision. To develop a business-to-business brand, a company must be willing and
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Cisco strategically placed its brand/products in crucial strategic location to capture its clients/consumers attention. For example, Cisco was able to connect people through technology by creating brand identity through amazing imagery. Cisco connected sport stadium into interactive venues. Digital displays throughout the stadium allowed for to pull scores from other games, order food and view traffic. This example of consumer market, connected and associated cisco to its product/s and brand to the general public and hence increased sales and profitability. In conclusion, cisco business plans and strategies has a common denominator which is to increase its consumer market through integration of its powerful product/s-brand and the people. The ‘The Human Network’ campaign for example focused its brand/products from Business-to-people a powerful way to attract the public. Also building a relationship between its self and corporations Business-to-business was also a success.
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Question #2
Is Casco’s plan to reach out to consumers a viable one? Why or why not? Cisco’s revenues

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