A Solution to Poor Sales of Sony Televisions Essay

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Executive Summary:
This report is designed to find a solution to poor sales of Sony televisions. Our research shows that Sony needs to develop a large, high quality, Internet enabled 3-D LCD television that easily integrates with competitor products for a competitive price. Literature Review:
Sony is not making a television that meets consumer wants and needs. Sony’s television division is losing money and they don’t have a concrete plan to turn things around. Sony who was once the number two television producer in the world has fallen further behind Samsung and has been overtaken by LG (Hyun-joo, 2010). Sony has had to scrap plans to launch their new OLED televisions because of their projected losses which would occur from bringing
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To gain insight in to consumers wanted in a television we did a convenience sample of interviews. Each member of our team interviewed two people whom it was convenient for them to interview. I interviewed my sister Leah Frank and her husband Aaron Adler. While this was a convenient sample there are some interesting characteristic about my interviewees that are relevant for discussion. Aaron is has a PHD from MIT in artificial intelligence. He has a vast knowledge of electrical systems and electronics not possessed by the average consumer. Leah is a high school English teacher who by her own admission is not a technical person. Discussions:
Consumers want to be able to easily use the Internet through their television set. Aaron Adler (personal communication, March 6, 2010) told us, “Mostly it's nice to get updated TV listings, weather information, update movie queues (Netflix), look up movie ticket information, and playing my digital music / movie library. At this point, hooking into YouTube or playing the TV shows from the internet (hulu or whatever) would probably be cool. These things are always a little bit tricky since without a keyboard it's hard to type. I'd like to have the internet hooked up to the TV so that I can get at that information easily.” In response to “Do you use your Internet/computer through your television? If yes what could features could be improved or added. If not

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