A Measure of Intelligence Essay

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Why is it that certain people within our society are intellectually gifted while others are not? It would seem that since we as humans are of the same species, we would have a very comparable intelligence level, and yet IQ test scores for 99 percent of the population range clear from “barely functioning” fifty-five to “Einstein” 145 (based on the Wechsler IQ test). Perhaps our perception is a little skewed. Maybe everyone is more similar intellectually than limited IQ tests can discern. Think about someone who you consider to be “under par” or even average on a scale of one to smart. They might not be a great rocket scientist, but they are a great people person, or absolutely amazing as a musician. Then think about the smartest person you …show more content…
T.S. Elliot once observed that a poet’s logic is comparable in complexity to that of a scientist, dictating that lingual intelligence is just as much of intelligence as mathematic intelligence.
Musical intelligence is also among the more commonly noticed intelligences. Someone who is musically talented can be easily compared with one who is linguistically capable. The only difference is instead of having good vocabulary and lingual compositional skills they have a good vocabulary of pitches, instruments and melodies. They are then able to take those and, with remarkable skill, create or interpret a masterpiece containing chords, melodies, and counter-melodies, each utilizing several instruments.
“The world of the mathematician is a world apart, and one must be ascetic to derive sustenance from it” (Gardner, 150). Logical-mathematical intelligence is the ability to reason with mathematic and scientific theories. It is the ability to prove and Idea without any tangible evidence to back it up, as well as a good logical method of finding and solving problems. As such, logical-mathematical intelligence is what many people consider to be intelligence, as it receives the most academic attention. This may be true, in part, but there is much more to intelligence than that.

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