A Comparison of Christianity and Islam Essay

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On the surface, it seems as if practically the only two things that Christianity and Islam have in common, is that they are both religions. As you get a little deeper into both religions they actually have a lot in common. In this essay I will inform you of how alike, and different each religion is. As a Christian, when facing death we are reminded that God has created each person for eternal life. In both Christian and Islamic religion, each individual person, whether a believer or not faces a day of judgment with their creator. In the Christian religion, if you are a believer, God will wash away your sins and admit you into heaven where the dearly departed shall live there ever lasting life. In the Quran, which is the Islamic Holy …show more content…
The Islamic religion is very different in this aspect of death as, they have strict guidelines to follow after the passing of their loved ones. The family members have the responsibility of bathing the body their rituals of this begin with washing the body of the deceased. The first rule is that only a male shall wash a male and only a female shall wash a female. If the deceased is married at the time of death, their spouse may perform the washing. If the deceased is a child, a male or female is permitted to wash the body. The body of the deceased is to be washed with water and Lotus Leaves, and should be done three, five or any amount of odd number times. The body is placed on a table, all clothes shall be removed and the body should be covered with a sheet of cloth. The head and upper body should be raised. The washer will begin the washing by saying “Bismil – Iah” which means, in the name of Allah. The washer of the body is cleansing the body of all impurities. If the deceased is a female the hair is to be braided and placed behind her back. In the last wash perfume is put on the body and dried completely with a new cloth. They then begin their ritual of Shrouding, the winding sheets are spread out one on top of another, and the deceased that is covered with the sheet is placed on his back on the winding sheets. The left hand of the deceased is to be placed on the chest

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