Similarities Of Islam Vs Christianity

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When attempting to compare Islam and Christianity, there are few similarities that can be found. states, “While there are a few similarities between Islam and Christianity, such as a belief in moral living and doing good to others, nevertheless, Muslims and Christians have vastly different views on major points of ideology and theology” (Islam vs. Christianity, 2016). Within this paper, the belief systems of both Islam and Christianity, will be compared and contrasted, as to reveal the more reasonable worldview.
According to Islam, Allah created the earth in six days. Everything in the universe was together in one place, and when Allah commanded, the universe blew apart. The matter then formed into planets, stars, and
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The purpose of being human, according to Christianity, is extremely similar to those beliefs held by people who practice Islam. Christianity does in fact state that humans were created to love and worship God. Romans 12:1 states that humans are “to be a living sacrifice to God”, meaning that everything Christians do, needs to be done with the intent of glorifying God. However, there are more than a few differences between Islam and Christianity, in regards to question of why mankind exists. God also commands that we subdue and replenish the earth. God wants us to care for his creations as we would care for our own. Lastly, God commands that we spread his truth. It is the job of every Christian person to make sure that the gospel is spread throughout the earth, so that every person has a chance at Jesus’ promise of …show more content…
The Bible states that God loves his creations, especially mankind, because he created man in his image and breathed life into him. God loves mankind so much, that he sent his only son to earth to pay the price for everyone’s sins, even though his son Jesus was sinless. When God created everything, he took his time and paid attention to every detail. Allah referred to the followers of Islam as ignorant and ungrateful, whereas God refers to his followers as loving, responsible, and moral. Overall, Christianity offers love and redemption to all who ask, regardless of who you are, and there is nothing more reasonable than

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