Zara Case Study Summary

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Zara’s target market is people from teens to adults, men and women. Zara’s major target is women, and their primary age group is between25 to 40.(Branding project of zara,2011)
Goals and Objectives:
Become the world leader in retail clothing by focusing on product variety, speed-to-market and store position
Establishing loyalty to consumers,
Provide customers by sense of community
Fast trend for low- cost
Increasing Zaras market share in china and USA around 5% and sale rate by 10% in 2012.(Branding project of zara,2011)
Zara is fast high fashion with reasonable prices, only true fashion brand that thinks about body shape, respects it and designs especially for it.
Since 2007, Zara’s have women’s and men’s clothing, these subdivided into Upper Garment, lower garment, cosmetics, shoes, and Complements, as well as Zara Kids. At time right now, Zara’s sizing for women's clothing that goes to a US size 12 or a 14 for UK Size or larger size.
Zara prices are based on equals within the target market and pricing strategy is achieving price equivalent to cost plus a target margin.
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Quick release and delivery of new products design and trends.
The product distribution method to various stores is efficient.
Zara offers stylish and unique features of clothing and focus on rapid design innovation.
Weaknesses points:
Absence of E-commerce
Zara company use centralized distribution method.
Vertically integration
The company needs continuous improvement on development process and research sector.
Zara should commence online shopping market, because this shopping method is more easier and convenient way for customers.
Worldwide market penetration, should introduce its brand in some countries that Zara brand is not too familiar such as Australia and New Zealand.

The fashion clothing competitors in local and global marketing world.
Fluctuation in rate of exchanges.
Design competitors

Zara has 5 brand names:
1. Zara Woman which is a more formal clothes for women who go to work to look more serious.
2. Zara Basic (woman), this brand covers all the basics.
3. Zara TRF is for young women and who likes to be more

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