Young Adult Content Should Not Be Banned From The Evergreen Libraries

1227 Words Apr 19th, 2016 5 Pages
Stories of a great hero with detailed romance is the way to go. Teens are now starting to get into the real life stuff that adults have been reading for centuries but never allowed teens to read it. Some tales about major betrayal or the love story between a baker’s boy and the fatherless girl that won the Hunger Games. These young adults are now expanding their horizon and getting out of the phase that their parents will fix their problems. Young adult content should not be banned from the Evergreen libraries because it cannot offensive to everyone in the school districts nor can it be gotten rid of because of the things people go through that they might face daily.

Books that contain violence often help people become more prepared for the world rather than hurt them and become these crazy murderous or evil people that might kill someone if they are let loose. For example, “Teenagers read millions of books a year, they read for entertainment and education. They read because of school assignments and popular school fads. And there are many who read because they are sand and lonely and enraged…’(Alexie. 24.). This paragraph from Sherman Alexie is important because its saying that sometimes classes want people to read these ‘horrible’ books and do reports on them because it’s a new ‘popular fad’ that adults have read and now passing to the new generation. These books can sometimes relate to a student and help them figure out how they can get through a situation like the…

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