Yo-Yo Dieting Argumentative Essay

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“Diets - the ultimate empty promise perpetuating the same cycle over and over again. We've all been victims of yo-yo dieting. We stick to some diets longer than others, but c'mon, just how much cabbage soup can a person eat?”- Suzanne Somers.
Yo-Yo dieting should be eliminated and replaced with healthier alternatives. Dieters that are desperate to lose weight become attracted to a quick fix such as weight loss supplements and diets that promise rapid weight loss in several days. Studies have shown yo-yo dieting will cause health detriments. According to the article, Is Yo-yo Dieting dangerous? Written by Katherine Zeratsky, R.D., L.D., at the 2016 American Heart Association, scientific sessions looked at yo-yo dieting and cardiovascular disease
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There are several diets that restrict calories such as the cabbage diet, apple cider vinegar etc. “The consequences of following those diets will cause dieters to overeat or binge and wanting more food due to the brain sending signals to eat in the form of gherlin, a hormone that stimulates appetite”. (Wolever, Reardon, and Hannan 44)
Some experts will argue that yo-yo dieting benefits dieters; it should be accomplished every five years and generally better than not dieting at all. The problem with this theory is weight-cycling will cause more dieters to believe that it is the best way to lose weight, and it will be beneficial to them someday. That is far from the truth, dieters who continue to gain and lose weight will gain double the amount of weight back within four years and metabolism will be lower compared to their counterparts, who take a different approach when it comes to losing
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Unfortunately, the recommended weight to lose per week is between one and two pounds more than two pounds a week will be considered as water weight and it will come back. There are others who will insist that yo-yo dieting will improve overall health. In the book Why Diets Fail Because You’re Addicted to Sugar, it states research has shown people who rely on quick fix such as yo-yo dieting, weight loss pills etc., are more likely to have an increase in their body mass index, which is also known as (BMI, a measure that determines whether a man or woman is of normal weight, overweight or obese). Than those who do not follow any quick fixes at all

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