Writing For An Audience By Anne Lamott Essay

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Everyone can write their own writings but anyone can 't make good writings. It isn 't hard to write a writing but if they want to make good writing? That alters the case. Chapter 2. Writers on Writing in the book of Exploring Language Thirteenth Edition by Gary Goshgarian, he introduced three each writings and writers. Linda Flower is the author of Writing for an Audience, Anne Lamott is the author of Getting Started and Mary Pipher is the author of Writing to Change the World . All of these writings has (have) common point that is answer about how to write well.
Writing is an inevitable element to college level student . Many students are busy and struggle with their own writing. In my case, it was a backbreaker to write every papers. I could make write (?). Everyone can make their own write but I didn 't know how to make effective writing. Also, it was hard to find what purpose do I need to know. I found some ways to make a good writing from Writing for an Audience by Linda Flower, "Effective writers are not simply expressing what they know, like a student madly filling up an examination bluebook. Instead they are using their knowledge: reorganizing, maybe even rethinking their ideas to meet the demands of an assignment or the needs of their reader"(p. 93) (no need to put P in the front. Just (93). I have been thinking about how do I write effectively. It is the answer that let 's put myself into reader 's shoes. It 's writing that responds to the interests and needs of…

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