Writing And Writing Of Writing Essay

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Writing has always been quite the task for me, and never a very enjoyable one at that. Up until college the only scholarly writing I was exposed to was in high school, and even that I would have considered as mediocre. For me, English classes were an easy A+ and so I never took writing that seriously. As a writer I have my strengths and weaknesses, but I do not feel as confident in my strengths as I do my weaknesses. I think I am good with grammar and mechanics, but when it comes to time management or organization then forget it. I usually struggled with writing projects in high school, mostly due to my lack of interest and my great ability to avoid writing assignments until the very last minute. My college experience so far has already exposed to me the importance of writing, not just for English, but for all of my classes and even for my future career. I am intimidated by writing in general whether it be high school, college, or even writing outside of a classroom. I am more intimidated by college writing because that is primarily what I will have to do in my college English class. Of course I had to write in my high school English classes, but I also had to read books and answer questions and study vocabulary. The classes were not centered around writing, and to be honest, I did not like when a writing assignment came my way. This lack of interest usually caused me to put it off until the last minute. I also feel more pressure to write in college because I can…

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