Personal Narrative: How Wrestling Changed My Life

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Wrestling Changed My Life
Seventh grade was the most exciting school year I have experienced, because I made the Wrestling Team. However, I was not expecting this outcome, because prior my triumph, I was being declined the opportunity to participate in an extracurricular activity. Immediately after I was introduced to the sport of wrestling, my thoughts were flooded with the goal of becoming a wrestler. Unfortunately, I knew my Mom would never agree to let me wrestle, and the moment I asked for her consent, she declined my request. However, I desired to be a part of the wresting squad, so I knew the only way I could be a member was to convince my Mom I deserved the chance to be on the Wrestling team. Furthermore, I had to convince her before
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However, when my Mom got home, she asked me if I had completed my homework, and when I said no, she was mad! She instructed me to power down the television and start my Social Studies Homework. Little did she know, me having a B in Social Studies and not doing my Homework was all part of a master plan to convince my Mom to sign the Wrestling Release Form. The same night, my Mom had a talk with me, and asked me to work harder and to bring home better grades. Without any notification, she said she would allow me to wrestle if I increased my academic grade to an A+. I agreed to the terms, but I identified an issue with the agreement. I had a B+ in the class and furthermore, there were only two weeks left in the quarter, but I needed to be on wrestling team. For the the next two weeks, I worked over time to bring 100% on every task the teacher assigned. However, my grade increased to a 94%, which was barely an A, and there were only three days left in the quarter, and since I have Social Studies every other day, two out of the three remaining days would allow me to pull up my grade. Unfortunately, my Social Studies teacher used the last two days as review days for the upcoming test in the next quarter, which meant I was stuck with an A instead of an A+. This also meant my Mom would not be signing the permission form for me to become part of the wrestling

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