World War Two, The Cold War Essay

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Following World War Two, the Cold War began in 1947. The war was a battle between the two super-powers of the time, Soviet Russia and the United States of America. Russia sought to expand the influence of Communism and its own territory. Between the start of the war up until 1963, America’s policy surrounding Communism changed. In the beginning, America rallied around George Kennan’s ideology that “any United States policy toward the Soviet Union must be that of long-term, patient but firm and vigilant containment of Russian expansive tendencies,” and the Truman doctrine was issued in agreement of containment policies, with “economic and financial aid” to nations who were threatened by communism being the main means of containing communism. Later during Eisenhower’s administration, policy shifted towards brinkmanship, where America would use the threat of nuclear war to stop the spread of communism. Stopping the spread of communism and avoiding destruction from the Soviets was a consistent idea across all of these policies. America accomplished its goals during the Cold War, because destruction from the soviets was avoided and the spread of communism was severely hampered both abroad and in the United States.
Between 1947 and 1963, America never faced destruction at the hands of the soviets. While America did lose soldiers in battles abroad, no attacks were ever successful against the homefront. For the most part, the conflict took place abroad, mostly in part…

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