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Natural Energy the Better Solution
Joseph Brown Strayer University Professor Crosson ENG 215 March 6, 2013

Advances in natural energy have provided ways to create the energy that we need with little to no pollution. The United States of America however, is very slow with getting on board with the rest of the countries across the world who has embraced the methods of using natural energy. China and Russia have begun to fuel most of their energy using solar power and water, yet the United States continues to stick to the
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(State Energy Overview, 2013) The unpredictable weather and hailstorms forced the company to be short lived. These types of problems are no longer as major of an issue yet there still few sources of clean energy in the United States than there are in places like Russia. Wind farms and solar plants have provided cleaner more improved options when it comes to providing energy to Americans. The ways that are most frequently used to obtain energy can cause a substantial amount of damage to human health and the entire environment. It is for this reason that the United States should begin to modernize the way that energy is produced.

When it comes to pollution, coal is one of the biggest culprits accounting for 45% of global energy-related carbon dioxide emissions in 2012. (Clean Air Foundation. 2012) Coal is the entire world’s leading source of energy-related carbon pollution but the U.S coal accounts for almost half of the way we generate electricity. Since coal is the most carbon rich of all fuel types it hikes up the United States numbers to 79 percent of carbon pollution, mostly all coming from the energy sector. The pollution in the U.S is at an all-time high affecting all living organisms and wreaking all kinds of havoc on human health. Pollution from coal is linked to four leading causes of death in the United States, Heart Disease being at the top of that list, cancer, stroke and chronic respiratory disease. In 2012, Tel Aviv

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