Workplace Wellness Essay

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Health and wellness in the workplace is crucial to business success. Increasingly, it is recognized that the workplace itself has a powerful affect on people’s health. When people are satisfied with their job, they are more productive and tend to be healthier. When employees feel that the environment at work is negative, they feel stressed. Stress has a large impact on employee mental and physical health, and in turn, on productivity. Companies that promote healthy lifestyle habits for employees to improve their health, often take the success of the company to heart and are likely to be absent less often for health related reasons.
Employers are now offering a wide range of wellness initiatives; such as health risk
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Getting started is what matters the most. Having a plan, along with one or two workplace wellness programs, can serve as a foundation for building a more comprehensive program at a future time.
Workplace wellness programs are an investment in your company's most important resource, your workers. Studies have shown that workers are more likely to be on the job and performing well when they are feeling well both physically and mentally. Workers are also more likely to be attracted to, remain with, and appreciate a employer that values them. Workplace wellness initiatives improve company productivity by:
• Attracting superior quality staff;
• Reducing the rate of absenteeism and time lost;
• Enhancing on-the-job time utilization and decision making; and
• Improving worker morale, which in turn lowers turnover.

Best Practices When Creating Workplace Wellness Programs
WELCOA, an organization committed to workplace wellness programs, has identified the seven best practices (“The Seven C’s”) for businesses to follow when creating a comprehensive, effective workplace health promotion program within their corporation.
1. Capture senior-level support. Approval from senior management is critical to the success of any workplace wellness program. Management has to understand the benefits of the program for both the staff and the corporation and be willing to fund its development, implementation and evaluation. Descriptions of what

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