Workplace Culture Reflection

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Month 1 - Workplace Culture
I managed to have my placement at World Challenge Expedition Pty Ltd, which is a travel company. The person who conduct my introduction during orientation day is my manager, Joanne Zhong. She is my supervisor and also program mentor throughout this placement process.
Joanne introduced me to everyone in the office on my first day. We walked around the whole office, as she explained to me about the location of each room, and also appliances that is available for me to use in the office’s public spaces. After that, she leads me to another casual staff who is working as a business analyst in the finance team to teach me, and her name is Vicky. Vicky has been advised to teach me on how to do my daily routine. Starting
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Everyone in finance team are helpful and friendly.
The company is young and vibrant, due to the nature of the business itself. One of the workplace culture is that, there is no dress code in the company, which I love it. Everyone is given absolute freedom in arranging their own timetable. Personally, I quite like its happy casual workplace
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First, to get close with everyone in the office is already a challenge for me. To show myself to be a friendly and supportive team member, this is necessary. I tried my best to show how well I blend into the current work culture, but it is not an easy job. I tried to speak more and be more confident when working with the customer support team. It works well. Secondly, the job scope is quite repetitive, which is reasonable for my job position. This might not be something I expected when I was studying in this field. However, it is a reality. Thirdly, it is about the company’s operation. Different nature of business has different way of operation. This is a great exposure for me. Fourthly, the manager is really casual and open-minded. Unlike the conservative type of manager, Joanne is always open to many ideas. She is very cheerful and joyful. It certainly makes the communication between colleagues easier and smoother. Fifth, the company offers really good benefits and take care of their employees well. The manager staffs gave much consideration to the staffs according to their

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