Essay about Workplace Bullying And The Workplace

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o whomever, it may concern,

I 'm writing this letter today to address what I believe to be considered as "Workplace bullying"; the workplace bullying has occurred for around two years now.
Whilst I should have 'spoken up ' earlier about this matter, I have been too scared to say; do, or act on anything; as it may result in myself being removed from the Nolan Street roster.

(DW), (JM) and (GM) are good individuals; I hold no personal grudges or other personal feelings against these individuals, however on a professional basis; I believe the aforementioned co-workers have treated/dealt with me in an unsatisfactory professional standard. These individuals have done nothing but bully me with rosters, yelled; intimidated and threatened me by absolute absurd means.

When I first started working at Nolan Street, I was treated as though I was incompetent and spoken to rudely, yelled and talked to in a condescending manner. Certain Staff members told me off for not completing work tasks 'The Nolan Street Way '.
Despite my lack of professionalism in certain areas at the time; I do not believe I deserved this type of treatment.

At a team meeting, two years ago, Team leader (DW) brought up an issue with staff regarding maintaining a clean and tidy house. (DW) directed all staff to clean the cat bowls and excrements the cats had left inside the unit.
I quote (DW) saying "You know what (PG) is like, He 's very budgantic about keeping the house tidy", several of the other staff…

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