Working With Emotional Intelligence By Daniel Goleman Essay example

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Many companies, organizations and individuals attempt to raise their emotional intelligence by attending trainings. However not all trainings are created equally with some better preparing individuals than others. In the Best Practices chapter of his book Working with Emotional Intelligence. Daniel Goleman lays out a 14 step plan to learn and teach emotional intelligence in the best way possible. This plan assesses the learner, instructs the learner and finally implements and reinforces what the learner has been taught. The first steps involve assessing the required and current state of emotional intelligence for an individual. Step 1 is what Goleman calls assessing the job. The object of this step is to assess what is necessary to do a job in the best way possible. One example Goleman uses is that of a strategic planner. Traditionally it is believed that the skill most needed to be an excellent strategic planner is a sharp intellect; the sharper the intellect the better the planner. However, studies have found that the best preforming strategic planners not only have sharp intellects, but superb emotional intelligence (Goleman, 2006, p. 259). This is due to the fact that the process of strategic planning is extremely political and needs someone who can make everyone feel included while diffusing any arguments. The next step is called assessing the individual. Goleman argues that we are not the best ones to assess ourselves and suggests using the 360 degree method to get…

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