Workers Justified in Striking Essay

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Viewpoint: “Unionized workers are justified in striking to defend their wages and benefits”
Strike could be said to be a form of industrial action prompted by the refusal of employees to work. Strike actions usually occur as a reaction to employee grievances. Strikes became relevant during the Industrial Revolution, when public labour became important in factories and mines. According to Black and Silver, “Strikes are the ultimate action available to unions as a means of trying to win gains for its members in collective bargaining”. The popular idea that strikes are “unreasonable, costly and not well founded” is a fallacy. Unionized workers are justified to engage in strike activities in order to defend their wages and benefits because it
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A strike vote by secret ballot is taken within 30 days of the collective agreement expiring or at any time after the agreement expires, and more than 50 per cent vote in favor of the strike. With a first collective agreement, the vote must be conducted after the appointment of a conciliation officer. According to Gagliardo, “unionized workers’ involvement in strike actions to increase wages or improve work benefits is legal and justified because it is a democratic alternative to authoritarian determinants of how the society operates”. In such cases, strikes are often part of a broader social movement taking the form of a campaign or some sort of civil resistance.
Unionized workers are also justified in striking to defend their wages and benefits because strike action affirms workers’ support for the bargaining position. According to Black and Silver, “Certification establishes unions as a bargaining agent for a group of workers and this compels employers to bargain with them since the primary function of unions is to negotiate collective agreement with employers on behalf of their members. Collective bargaining is ultimately a power relationship and the power of both parties lie in their members’ abilities to persuade members of the other party to agree to the terms presented on the bargaining table; therefore unionized workers are justified in striking to defend their wage and benefits. A union

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